This was the very first cover I did. I was new to 3D modeling then. I really wanted everything, from the top of his head to his toes, to be very natural looking. This one took me HOURS to do. I never did sell this one, though it was one of my favorites. It's a combination of four different photos and lots of Photoshop work.
My first and only dragon. She's angry at something you can't see and shouting at it. The fingers on her left hand (paw?) show the stress of what she feels, as do her toes (back paws?). See how they're curled in tight? My goal is to make something look as real as possible, even if it's something that doesn't exist. I spent hours on her fingers and toes alone. Fun project. Another one I didn't sell.  
Joshua, a character in Pam Blackwood's Eskarian|Immortal series. He's half Native American and half old Mayan. Interesting fellow, I'm told.